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Covert Investigation Leads to AVO

A professional woman called us recently with a problem with her car that was being vandalised on a regular occasion. It had been scratched repeatedly night after night and one of her tyres had even been slashed. She had called the police but they told her their hands were tied and they couldn’t do anything unless she had the proof.

We advised surveillance on her car which involved a private investigator watching her vehicle between the hours of midnight and dawn. Sure enough on the second night the private investigator witnessed a man approaching her car and he took video surveillance of him scratching the side of her car.

With this proof, the woman was able to go to the police and the man was charged with a criminal offence. She also obtained an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against him which gave her a great sense of relief. She is now also seeking damages in legal proceedings against him in which she should recover the costs of the investigation.

This was a great outcome for her. If you are feeling unsafe and need evidence to go to the police give us a call to discuss the best way to undertake surveillance.

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