Hire a Private Investigator in Family Law

Hiring a private Investigator in family law proceedings in Brisbane can help you gather evidence which can help you win your case. Family law proceedings in Brisbane can be expensive but the cost of a private investigator can be one of the best decisions you will make.

Drug Use

Often parents suspect that the other parent is either using drugs or selling them. This results in the parent exhibiting abnormal patterns of behaviour like driving to various places at odd times and meeting suspicious people in suspicious places. A private investigator can follow a person to obtain evidence which may be used to support the claim that the other parent is involved in criminal behaviour that can pose a serious risk to the children in family law proceedings.


Parents are often concerned that the other parent may be using alcohol to excess. Engaging a private investigator can confirm if the other parent is drinking too much or visiting bars and clubs at times when they should be taking care of the children. This evidence can be put before the court to confirm that a child is at risk whilst in that parent’s care.


Sometimes parties to family law proceedings are not honest about where they are working or the amount they are earning. It is a regularly easy to task to confirm where a person is working and to prove the falsity of their declarations in court about their income. A private investigator can follow a person from their home to where they work on several occasions and provide this evidence in the form of a report to the Court.

Why Use a Private Investigator in Family Law

Ultimately you need the best evidence you can to win a family law case. However you need good evidence to support your claims and the best evidence that can sometimes be used is that of a private investigator. Once you have the evidence you need it is then up to your lawyer to use this in Court.

Our private investigators are located in Brisbane and can commence an investigation immediately to gather the evidence you need.

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