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Discovering your partner is cheating is a painful experience but investing in spy products is a good way to find out these hard truths. The use of Spy Products can allow you to confront your partner about their activity and their commitment to your relationship.

We strongly recommend the use of GPS Trackers, Voice Recorders, Listening Devices and Hidden Camera’s which can all be used to gather important information legally. All of our spy products from our Spy Shop Brisbane are small, discreet and simple to use.

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Just some of our range

This USB recorder is very easy to use and connects to your PC through a USB port. It is a popular choice to record conversations either continuously or only when voices and sounds are detected.

It has a large storage capacity and can record up to 1000 files. Each file can be time and date stamped so you will know precisely when the recording took place.


  • Record Continuously
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Time/Date Stamping
  • 25 Days Standby Time
  • Voice Activation Mode (vam)
  • Miniature Size
  • MP3 Format
  • Records up to 1000 files

Our GPS Tracker can be supplied with live online tracking which is viewable from your computer or phone. It is simple to use and attaches magnetically to any metal surface.

It is able to be tracked to its exact location, accurate to the nearest metre with the online account saving the history of where the GPS tracker has been.


  • Matchbox Size
  • Magnetic
  • Live Tracking
  • Accurate to 1 meter
  • 200 hours battery life
  • Water Resistant
  • Emails location
  • 3 hour charge time