Night Out on the Town

Wife Suspects Husband is a Cheat

We were contacted by a woman whose husband was always going for Friday drinks with his workmates. He would usually come home drunk generally but this one night he came home smelling of perfume. His wife suspected something was up and gave us a call.

We suggested that we follow her husband after work to see where he went and who he went with. She agreed to a 4 hour investigation to see if we could get some results. We also told her we would keep her up to date with what her husband was doing throughout the night.

Firstly he went with a group of guys to an irish pub and had a few beers, but after that they went to a nearby nightclub and he got close and personal with a few women, one in particular who he was captured hugging and dancing close with. We sent the video footage to his wife instantly and she was upset but glad that we got a result.

We don’t know how his wife used this evidence but in any case it gave her proof of what he had been doing and perhaps what he had been doing all those nights before.

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