Husband on Business Trip

Two Agents Confirm Wife’s Suspicions

We were contacted recently by a woman who’s husband was attending a 3 day work seminar in Sydney.

She already suspected something was wrong when her husband was evasive about where he was staying in Sydney and who he was staying with.

She eventually found the name of the hotel and which room he was staying in. We organised an investigator to follow him from his work seminar where he went to a nearby bar with one of the female participants.

After that they got into a taxi and went to the hotel where the second private investigator was waiting to see which rooms they went into. The private investigator got video footage of them walking into his hotel room together. The private investigator sent this footage to the wife and kept her regularly updated. They both then came down for dinner and while at dinner held hands and continued flirting with each other. Again the wife was continually updated.

This whole investigation took two agents a total of 6 hours each (12 hours) and gave the wife the evidence she needed to confirm what her husband was doing.

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