Wife Flirting with Boss

Drinks After Work

Derek called us to discuss his concerns about his wife’s behaviour with her boss. The boss would text and call at all hours of the day and night and weekend. Derek suspected her boss was after hi wife’s attention for more than work reasons.

We recommended that the best solution for Derek was for a private investigator to be assigned to follow his wife after work. The investigator followed her and her boss to a nearby bar. His wife and the boss shared a drink together, and flirted for the next hour or so. The private investigator blended in to the crowd, obtained photo and video evidence of the two of them together and sent it to Derek immediately. Our private investigator was completely undetected by Derek’s wife as she was too interested in flirting with her boss.

This is a common scenario. If you can relate to this situation its best to give us a call and we can arrange a swift surveillance at an appropriate time to get you the evidence you need.

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