Is your partner cheating on you?

Here are nine give-away signs and symptoms of a cheating partner.
  • Phone secrets
  • Dressed to impress
  • Intimacy
  • He’s just stepped out …
  • Computer secrets
  • Excuses, excuses
  • Going on the attack
  • New hobbies
  • Random acts

If you can tick any two of them, then it may be time to seek the help of a Private Investigator.

Phone secrets

A cheating partner is extremely protective of their mobile phone and doesn’t let it out of their sight. This can include taking it to the bathroom, and even taking it to bed. Perhaps they make sure they lay it upside down so that the screen can’t be seen. Or they may have the screen protected by a security PIN. Are there suspicious numbers dialled or stored? Or you may discover that emails and text messages have been deleted, or the call log cleared. For information on phone tracking software please see our Monitoring Equipment page.

Dressed to impress

Has your partner become more attentive to their personal appearance? A new style of dress, perhaps even of intimate wear? They may be paying particular attention to their personal hygiene, including the use of perfume or after-shave. Have they perhaps become more interested in their personal fitness, maybe joining a gym or taking more regular exercise?


Most often, a partner who is interested in someone else will become emotionally distant, and show less affection towards you. However it can also happen that you may notice new or increased sexual behaviours – new tricks that they’ve learnt while being with someone else.

He’s just stepped out …

The cheating partner may well be “unavailable” when you try to call them at work. They may also leave for work earlier in the morning, or “work back” more often than they used to. You may find they often have work functions or conferences to attend, but that spouses aren’t invited … When they eventually do come home, do they tend to take a shower straight away?

Computer secrets

An unfaithful spouse could well be as secretive in their computer and internet use as in the use of their phone. They may prefer that you don’t see what they’re working on, and may spend a lot of time on the computer after you’ve gone to bed. You may find the browser history cleared, or perhaps emails have been deleted. Cheating spouses will quite often go so far as to set up a new email account to ensure their privacy. For information on computer tracking software please see our Monitoring Equipment page.

Excuses, excuses …

You’ve been trying to phone them, but their phone has “died”, or “there was no reception”, or they “didn’t hear it ring”.

Going on the attack

When a guilty partner is approached about having an affair, it’s not unusual for them to become verbally or physically aggressive. There may be exaggerated denials, or they may even try to accuse you of being the one who is cheating.

New hobbies

Sudden interest in new hobbies and interests may indicate a cheating partner. You may find they avoid taking you along to social events, where they are secretly hoping to meet someone new.

Random acts

Be on the lookout for inconsistencies such as:

Your partner suddenly needing to know what you will be doing and when.
Unexplained payments or debits on bank accounts or credit cards.
Or unexplained receipts in their wallet or purse.
Unexplained kilometres appearing on the odometer of their car.

Do you suspect you’re dealing with a cheating partner?

Two boxes ticked is a pretty good indication of cheating. And even recognising just one of the above signs can indicate that something’s going on.

Get the answers you need from a professional Private Investigator, so that you can get on with your life.

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